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We offer a wide variety of High-End Mobile Detailing Services that we bring to your location! These include decon washes, clay bar, waxing, interior detailing, polishing, ceramic coating, maintenance plans, etc.

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Pre Soak, Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Iron Decon, Wheels Cleaned, Light Machine Polish, 6 Month Wax, Tire Dressing, Windows Cleaned ( add mini interior detail for + $60 )

Estimated time of 1-2 Hours

Starting at $175

Mini Exterior and Mini Interior Detail. Interior vacuum and thorough wipe down of all plastics and leather, door jams, air freshener, windows. Exterior hand wash, spray wax, wheels cleaned, tire dressing

Estimated time of 2 Hours

Starting at $125

Full Interior and Full Exterior Detail. Hand wash, clay bar, iron decon, wheels cleaned, 6 month wax, tire dressing. Scrubbing and brushing of all plastics and leather, carpet shampoo, door jams, air freshener, windows.

Estimated time of 3-5 Hours.

Starting at $320

Image Image Image
Full Interior Detail
Full Exterior Detail
Brand New Car
Complete Detail
Standard in and out
Buff and Wax

Interior Makeover. Thorough scrubbing and brushing of every interior surface, carpet shampoo, door jams, air freshener, windows. ( add seats shampoo for + $100 )

Estimated time of 2-4 Hours.

Starting at $200

Full Exterior Package is a complete makeover of the exterior of your car. It includes a full exterior hand wash, clay bar, iron decon, emblems/exhaust pipe cleaning, gas cap, wheel cleaning, tire shine, 6 month wax.

Estimated time of 1-2 Hours

Starting at $125

This package includes everything your car needs to look as close to brand new as possible. This is unique for each vehicle, and all prices / services will be confirmed before starting the job. Perfect for newly purchased cars

Estimated time of 5 Hours +

Starting at $600

Keep Your Car

Fresh and Clean.

Maintaining a vehicle is the most important and most difficult part of making a car look detailed, but at Pro-Line Mobile Detailing we make it simple. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options to keep your car looking and smelling great. Enjoy discounts for all these services when you join.


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